Welcoming Our New Admissions and Marketing Director

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are, once again, thrilled to introduce a team member whose core values and professional skillset perfectly fit our community. Please welcome Kelly Dunbar as the new Admissions and Marketing Director for Magnolia Mill School.


Skilled in Service

Kelly’s career in the field began in 1989, and it’s been filled with rich experiences. Her 30+ years of professional experience in admissions and marketing roles at therapeutic boarding schools greatly qualifies her to work with families and referral sources as they learn about Magnolia Mill School and transition into the community. Kelly has also worked as a consultant, leveraging her expertise to make a meaningful impact for families.

Kelly’s academic foundation, with a Master’s degree in Human Behavior and a Bachelor’s in Psychology, complements her hands-on experience, allowing her to bring a nuanced understanding of the needs of our students and their families. Transitioning into this role at Magnolia Mill School, she is eager to “hit the ground running”, ready to bring her blend of professional excellence and personal warmth to every interaction.

In 2022, Kelly began working as a coach, supporting clients through health and wellness, accountability, and grief coaching.

Fittingly, her coaching specialties speak intrinsically to what our families need.

  • As a therapeutic learning community, the students and families we serve are seeking health and wellness. Kelly’s success in providing personalized support and strategies tailored to each individual’s unique wellness goals will resonate with families the moment they connect with Magnolia Mill.
  • Staying on track to meet goals is easiest when practicing personal and relational accountability. It requires trust and belief in oneself along with the acceptance of support and encouragement from others. Not only will her perspectives on accountability help motivate our students, but they will also support our entire team as we step into this era of growth and stability.
  • As a grief coach, Kelly is able to personally connect with families and students as they navigate the often difficult journey of healing. Her compassion and ability to authentically hold space will help our clients process, rebuild, and reconnect.

At heart, Kelly’s approach is driven by a personal philosophy of empathy, connection, and generosity. Losing both of her parents in a short span forced a period of reflection and healing, during which she reaffirmed her commitment to wellness, accountability, and supporting others through their grief and challenges. This philosophy extends to her professional ethos, where she believes in nurturing relationships with parents, students, and referral sources to build a warm and welcoming admissions process.


A Strong, Familiar Team

What drew Kelly to the role of Admissions and Marketing Director at Magnolia Mill School was not just the opportunity to leverage her extensive background in marketing and admissions but also the invitation to work alongside our new Executive Director, Shawn Farrell. Kelly warmly shared, “I was tootling along just fine but the opportunity to work with Shawn at this level was an offer I couldn’t turn down.”

Shawn and Kelly have had the privilege to work alongside one another for some years, building a rapport and professionally aligned skillset that will propel Magnolia Mill to new heights. Their history of mutual respect and collaboration promises a powerful partnership in leading and serving our learning community.

“Her insight and guidance have kept me on track and more productive and have improved my quality of life. The way Kelly engages me, challenges my ideas, and coaches me through have allowed me to succeed and build toward the goals I have set for myself. Working with Kelly has been a fantastic experience, and I am grateful for her expertise and support.”

— Shawn Farrell, Executive Director of Magnolia Mill School


Kelly is a dedicated mom of two sons, grandmother to three grandsons, and daily spoiler of two dogs. Even though her sons and their families live far from home, she proves that distance is no barrier to love and family involvement. Additionally, Kelly supports her community through serving as a board member of a non-profit women’s recovery program, Recovering Hands, providing peer support and residential extended care to women suffering the effects of substance abuse.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Kelly Dunbar to Magnolia Mill!

Kelly’s value-driven approach to her work will be of great support to our families and students as they navigate the admissions process and integrate into our community. With over 30 years of professional experience, and a strong rapport with our Executive Director, Shawn Farrell, we know Kelly will be an incredible addition to our team.

We are grateful for Bri Anicetti’s outstanding work with families over the years, and are wishing her all the best on her next adventures in Big Sky Country!


A Note From Kelly

To the faculty, parents, and students of Magnolia Mill School, I’m excited to get to know each one of you, to become a part of our team, and to be a supportive pillar for our community. There’s a quote I love from Alicia Keys, “Everything you want to be, you already are. You’re simply on the path to discovering it.” In life, when we are going through tough times, it’s just settling into who we are. We’re just discovering some of those pieces of us.  I am honored and excited to join you on this journey and discover these pieces together.

Kelly Dunbar, Admissions and Marketing Director at Magnolia Mill School


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