Welcoming Jana Eilermann, NCC, LCMHC, to our clinical team!

When asked about her new position as Primary Therapist at Magnolia Mill, Jana shared, “I feel like I’m coming home. This is actually the campus I’d found out I wanted to be a therapist on.”

While the grounds may be familiar, it’s the comprehensive new programming and approach that made this opportunity so exciting. “Part of what really stood out to me in talking to Carla about Magnolia Mill was the idea of supporting students in developing an identity outside of diagnosis, and building a foundation from which they can confidently navigate any challenges life presents.”

Jana explained, “This really aligns with a presentation I’d done at NATSAP, intentionally undoing the pattern of ‘my identity is being unwell.’ We want to help you be a human in the real world; we want to be the last stop.”

Admissions Director Bri Anicetti added, “By the time these students get to residential, it’s often been years that they’ve been in treatment, so getting them to a place where they can succeed throughout their lives after this is our real goal. It’s our mission.”

Client Focus

Jana deeply values experiential therapy and hopes to continue this approach with her clients, “I like to work creatively and playfully to build relationships in which we can safely explore emotions and challenges while celebrating successes. Giving students an opportunity not only to explore their own inner workings and thinking but also to rediscover childhood, get creative, and have fun is paramount.”

Great at working with clientele who are impulsive, misunderstood, anxious, depressed, and those with underlying neurodivergence—her specialized skillset in social skills and executive functioning tie in beautifully with our programmatic focus on community involvement and identity development.

Jana’s experience working with Neurodiverse individuals enhances Magnolia Mill’s well-rounded clinical base to better support students on the spectrum. “In working with Neurodiverse clients, I am not treating neurodivergence. I am treating the emotional wounds and building skills to survive in a neurotypical world. I operate from a solution-focused perspective and want to help every person feel better, gain skills, and keep moving toward their goals.”

Bridging the Gap

Though licensed as a therapist, Jana often finds herself feeling more like a translator: “I can easily pick up on patterns, uncovering what behaviors are communicating and how they may be causing various problems in the client’s life. I work from a place of curiosity and compassion.”

Bri shared, “Jana has a gentle but unapologetic way of being direct with parents about what she’s seeing in the patterns of their children; she contextualizes what she sees in a way that is very clear. We are so glad to have Jana return to her roots and join our team.”

The Magnolia Mill School Team