Student Profile

At Magnolia Mill School, we understand the importance of creating a nurturing and supportive environment for adolescent girls facing various challenges. Our program is designed to provide comprehensive support and individualized care for students assigned female at birth between the ages of 14 and 18, focusing on academic, emotional, and personal growth.

Each student brings a rich tapestry of strengths, challenges, and interests, and we are dedicated to helping them navigate their journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Common Traits of Magnolia Mill School Students



Low self-esteem

Identity struggles

Family and peer relationship struggles

Post-divorce struggles



Attachment or adoption issues

Academic decline


Executive dysfunction

Borderline traits

Bipolar diagnosis

Addictive or destructive behaviors (e.g., cutting, eating disordered behaviors, substance use, internet addiction, promiscuity)

Unfortunately, Magnolia Mill School is not designed to accept students with a history of psychosis, cruelty to animals, a history of arson, or conduct disorder.

Students we Serve

Below are representative profiles of the type of students that attend Magnolia Mill School


Age 17 - Greenwich, CT

After dedicating the first few years of high school to excelling at field hockey, Zoe seemed destined for a scholarship at a top college program, especially given her natural talent in the classroom. However, when her parents' marriage fell apart in her junior year, Zoe’s world crumbled. Hobbies that once brought her joy now felt burdensome, overshadowed by the heightened conflict at home, which she is now an active participant in. Her grades have suffered and she isn’t going out for the varsity team anymore. Her once bright future is in jeopardy.



Age 14 - Brentwood, CA

Jordyn has always struggled with a sense of identity, which stems from her adoption at age 2. Recently, this struggle had intensified, casting a shadow over her once-bright spirit. Social situations, once manageable, now fill her with dread, her social anxiety reaching new heights. Jordyn finds solace in reading manga and in painting any flat surface she can find. The worlds of fiction give her comfort, where the real world is an ever-increasing challenge. She struggles with executive functioning, and has trouble with even the most basic routines.



Age 16 - Dallas, TX

Reagan is an avid lover of horses and spends most of her free time in the saddle, and is a talented rider who travels far and wide to hunter-jumper competitions. Reagan has recently found herself in a personal struggle, questioning her own identity. She often wonders who she truly is and is grappling with body identity issues, an eating disorder, and non-suicidal self-harm. Managing these feelings weighs heavy on her heart and has overtaken her passion and exuberance for life. She now has issues sleeping and regulating her emotions.



Age 15 - Bellevue, WA

Alana once effortlessly excelled in music, school, and sports. She was a first-chair violinist in band, a starter on her varsity soccer team, and an honor roll student. However, her recent struggles with ADHD have thrown her off balance. Despite her best efforts, focusing has become a monumental task, leaving her feeling frustrated and defeated. Alana has turned to her phone and social media, losing herself in a digital world that offered temporary respite from her inner turmoil. Her talents and the fulfillment she gains from them have taken a back seat to this new obsession.


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