Kristen Ramirez

Kristen Ramirez

Director of Learning Services & Testing Coordinator

Kristen Ramirez is the Director of Learning Services and Testing Coordinator at Magnolia Mill School. With over a decade of experience in the field, Kristen's journey began in high school, working with students with disabilities in a preschool setting. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Special Education and Reading, along with teaching licenses in Reading and Special Education in Math. Kristen is also certified in Math and Science and is highly qualified in English, Science, and Math.

Her professional background includes extensive teaching experience across elementary, middle, and high school levels. Kristen has worked as a research assistant focusing on reading intervention and juvenile detention, and has served as an IEP coordinator, managing over 200 cases annually. Before joining Magnolia Mill, she was a Math Intervention Specialist at a high school and has been honored twice as Teacher of the Year at West Carrollton High School.
Kristen has been part of the team on campus for three years. She is drawn to the school's small classroom sizes, allowing her to build a strong understanding of each student's individuality and skillsets. Kristen's core responsibilities include evaluating neuropsychological assessments, identifying necessary support for students, conducting initial testing, and overseeing NWEA, SAT, and ACT testing for accreditation. A key contributor to staff training, Kristen shares strategies for working with students with executive functioning disorders and organizes study skills classes that help students manage both academic and home responsibilities.

Kristen enjoys the close-knit and inclusive environment that is cultivated on campus with students and coworkers. Outside of work, Kristen enjoys playing trivia and expanding her general knowledge.

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