Kimberly Briggs

Kimberly Briggs

Mathematics Teacher

Kimberly Briggs is our dedicated Math Instructor at Magnolia Mill School. Kimberly has a degree in Mathematics from Isothermal Community College and a degree in Secondary Education from the University of South Carolina Upstate. She began her career as a Teacher's Assistant and has taught math for nearly five years, including three years at Chase Middle School and additional years at Magnolia Mill School.

Despite early challenges with math and skepticism from her own teachers, Kimberly's passion has always been to make math accessible and less intimidating for her students. She emphasizes practical applications like personal finance and life skills, fostering an open-door policy that encourages students to seek guidance beyond the classroom.

Kimberly's teaching philosophy centers on the belief that every student learns differently. She meets each child where they are in their education journey, encouraging mistakes as learning opportunities. Her personal experience with her own child and her dedication to students often overlooked by others allow her to connect deeply and empathetically with students.

At Magnolia Mill School, Kimberly finds joy in seeing students reach their potential, often beyond their own expectations---especially when it comes to an often vindicated subject like mathematics. She describes her role as her dream job, supported by an amazing staff and a stable, empathetic team.

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