Anne-Marie Farmer

Anne-Marie Farmer

Assistant Academic Director, English Teacher, College & Career Advisor

Anne-Marie Farmer brings over eight years of experience in the therapeutic field to her role at Magnolia Mill School, where she has spent the last five years making a significant impact. Licensed to teach in North Carolina as a highly qualified Secondary Ed. English teacher for grades 9-12, Anne-Marie holds a Bachelor of Science degree.

Her career began in outdoor education, where she discovered her passion and calling for working with youth. After serving as a field guide for over a year, she transitioned to public school education but found it lacking the depth of connection she sought with her students. This led her to Magnolia Mill School, where she initially started as an English teacher.

In her current roles, Anne-Marie continues to teach English, serves as an academic advisor for a caseload of 8-10 students, and supports students through the college application process and entering the workforce as the College and Career Counselor. Her dedication earned her the position of Assistant Academic Director, where she collaborates closely with Carol Sowers to manage all school functions.

In her work as Assistant Academic Director, Anne-Marie works with students and school districts, handling transcripts and creating official high school documents for students moving on to new academic institutions. She helps write daily schedules and individual academic plans that outline each student's credit progression and goals at Magnolia Mill. These plans are then passed to academic advisors who meet regularly with students to discuss their progress.

"I hope to be a safe, predictable, and reliable adult for our students. Many of them have had experiences in the past where adults have not been able to show up in this way. For staff, I want to be, and think I am, someone who people know really cares about the work we do, with students and for the students. I want to be someone who fosters belonging and a sense of community and purpose."

Anne-Marie Farmer is committed to fostering a supportive, community-oriented environment at Magnolia Mill School, ensuring that both students and staff feel valued and understood. She also has a Golden Retriever-Chow Chow mix named Aslan, whom she affectionately describes as a "total fluffball."

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