Family Services

At Magnolia Mill School, we believe in taking a comprehensive, family-system approach that extends our clinical expertise and therapeutic programming to engage our families as a whole.

It is our experience that our students’ well-being and approach to treatment are interconnected and deeply impacted by the well-being and participation of their family. To support our parents in this parallel process alongside their child, we offer extensive family services to provide support, education, and a collaborative experience.

An Eight-Fold Approach

Similar to our eight-fold core competency curriculum which ensure our students are empowered in every area of life, we’ve developed eight key areas of support for families as they take part in a parallel process with their child.

  • Family Therapy: Families engage in weekly sessions with their child’s primary therapist. This is an opportunity to unpack and process relationship concepts and patterns within the family system and develop and practice skills for healthy communication and boundaries with the goal of creating a cohesive support system.
  • Family Seminar: Quarterly on-site workshops incorporate various themes related to overarching treatment goals. These seminars include a combination of process and support groups, psychoeducation, and experiential activities.

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  • New Parent Orientation: During the three weeks following enrollment, we encourage all parents to attend our New Parent Orientation. Each week parents will cover one of our 3 modules designed to help them better understand the foundational elements of our program and troubleshoot common issues that parents experience as they work to find their “new normal”. We also focus on what each family can do to best support their child’s unique journey.
  • Parent Education: Each week we offer parents the opportunity to dive deep into psychoeducational learning and lively discussions on a wide variety of topics related to common mental health issues. The weekly parent education class is a great opportunity to expand and build not only their knowledge base but also acquire practical parenting skills that prove useful in working to support their child. Some topics we’ve covered in Parent Education include:
    • The Basics of Identity Development
    • Setting Basic Expectations
    • The Art of Allowing Safe Struggles
    • Understanding Emotional Regulation

  • Parent Support Group: Many of our parents have described feelings of isolation or being siloed in their struggles at home and as a result, they often lose a sense of community and belonging. Our weekly parent support group is a space to explore, process, and heal in connection with other parents walking a similar journey. This is a space parents can focus on the more emotional aspects of the parent journey while having a child in treatment.
  • Specialty Group: Our Specialty Groups rotate each week and cover a wide variety of specialized offerings. Our monthly Town Hall Meeting is a place to hear the most recent updates on what is happening at Magnolia Mill and learn about upcoming events. Our Moms’ and Dads’ groups are designed to offer a safe space for connection and processing.
  • Individual Parent Coaching: Our Director of Family Services, Meg Narea, supports families navigate the parallel process. In 1:1 Parent Coaching sessions, families can dive deeper into patterns and concepts that are relative to their family system. Individual Parent Coaching is a place to further unpack the themes that are coming up in family sessions with their child.


“I see individual parent coaching as a space for families to delve deeper into their work together, where they can freely express their thoughts and frustrations and explore what’s working and what isn’t. These coaching sessions provide a space for parents to share their doubts, process their experiences, and nurture the family system.

It’s an abundant, open space where they can practice and grow while being supported by a caring community. Our Family Services menu offers a balanced mix of restoration and challenge. It’s a strong support system for our parents.” 

  • Monthly Services Calendar: We know that life gets busy, so we provide families with a Family Services calendar which outline all groups, educational seminars, and connection opportunities. These are built out each month, often in tandem with the topics families or students are grappling with.

The Magnolia Mill School Team