Eight Core Competencies

The challenges our students face can be complex, but even the most complex solutions are built from simple steps.

Our approach at Magnolia Mill School moves beyond rigid systems to create an individualized community experience. We’ve built eight core competencies that are essential for students to live fulfilling, reflective lives.  By focusing on developing a strong set of core skills, we ensure that our students and families can face their future with confidence.

Our Eight Core Competencies

We view community-building as a fundamental skill. Students learn how to live and thrive in harmony with others. This approach emphasizes the importance of fostering a sense of interconnectedness, encouraging students to build strong, supportive relationships and understand the value of collaboration and mutual support in their personal and professional lives.

By challenging and transforming our students’ relationship with learning, we aim to rebuild their identity as learners, fostering resilience and curiosity in the face of academic challenges. This approach focuses on fostering a positive relationship with learning, ensuring students can rebuild confidence and find success in their educational journey.

Growth Mindset
Our mission is to create a comprehensive learning community that goes beyond academics to include personal growth, skill development, and long-term healing. This means learning about oneself, one’s strengths and areas for improvement, and how to interact positively with the world. Encouraging flexibility and problem-solving, we nurture our students’ ability to view challenges as opportunities for growth, broadening their perspectives.

Emotional and physical self-care is increasingly recognized as a critical competency in educational settings. Our approach aims to promote healthy, pro-social behaviors that contribute to overall well-being, encouraging students to develop habits and coping mechanisms that do not rely on substances.

Relationship Maintenance
Our students learn crucial relationship maintenance skills, enabling them to navigate, build, and repair relationships effectively. We emphasize the importance of acquiring and practicing these skills, fostering a supportive community where students can’t simply opt out of relationships. Daily living on campus asks us to participate in interdependence.

A blonde student is solving some tasks before the exam. Her friend is sneaking a look at her notebook

In our tightly-knit community, students learn the value of being part of something larger than themselves, fostering meaningful connections. Magnolia Mill’s small, intentionally intimate learning environment cultivates confidence and encourages students to work on maintaining relationships.

We emphasize teaching a sense of interdependence and accountability. We instill in our students the importance of managing their responsibilities effectively, from maintaining grades and punctuality to nurturing relationships. By focusing on responsibility, students are better prepared for the challenges of the real world.

By rewarding our students’ ownership and responsibility with increased independence, we empower them to make their own decisions and learn from their experiences. This approach not only prepares them for future success but also builds their confidence in their abilities.

At Magnolia Mill School, our team works together to create a learning community that goes beyond the traditional education model, and beyond the traditional therapeutic model. We are dedicated to building an environment where our students can explore these core competencies and graduate as well-rounded individuals, ready to face the world.

The Magnolia Mill School Team