Announcing Our New Executive Director

We are thrilled to announce that Shawn Farrell has joined our incredible team as the new Executive Director at Magnolia Mill School.

With a deep-rooted passion for education and nearly 30 years of dedicated experience in the therapeutic field, Shawn is bringing a stable stock of knowledge, professionalism, leadership experience, and operational insight to our school.

An Established Leader

Shawn has over six years of experience working directly with families as the Owner and Lead Educational Consultant at Moses & Farrell. This substantial background in guiding students and families through educational and personal development challenges allows him to work closely with families and staff, ensuring optimal outcomes for our students, while lending a unique perspective on the challenges and needs of our referral communities.

His previous long-standing tenure in the therapeutic field has given him an operational skillset of significant scale, meaning he is well-prepared for our next chapter of growth. Shawn has professionally handled responsibilities in business development and implementation, financial management, safety and risk management, marketing, executive recruitment, staff development, and academic delivery.

Shawn has worked with both students and families, teaching parenting workshops and family communication programs. He has also served as Committee Chair for corporate Best Practices Committees, head of the ethics committee for the Outdoor Behavioral Health Council, and as a CARF and academic accreditation committees member for private companies.

“I thrive in assisting students in developing their ideas, framing their narratives, and presenting themselves effectively. I help young people tackle challenges, explore passions, and set achievable goals, empowering students to discover unique paths to success.”

— Shawn Farrell, Executive Director of Magnolia Mill School


The Right Fit for Magnolia Mill

Our school’s new Executive Director holds a Masters in Education, with a specialization in English and secondary education. His background encompasses a comprehensive understanding of teaching methodologies, including curriculum development and implementation, classroom management, instructional delivery, and assessment practices. This solid foundation in education underscores his capability to lead and support the academic and operational excellence at Magnolia Mill School.

Beyond his professional achievements, Shawn is known for his adventurous spirit, his endless pursuit of knowledge, and his love for nature. Family mountain biking adventures are just one way he enjoys embracing life’s adventures. In conversations with him, it is clear that his commitment to empowering young individuals and helping them develop their own ideas, frame their narratives, and achieve their goals aligns with and strengthens our mission at Magnolia Mill School.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Shawn Farrell to our community! We are confident that his respectful leadership and nearly 30 years of professional experience will steer Magnolia Mill School’s incredible staff, students, and families to bright, successful futures.